Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buzz around Big Boss 4

Pamela Anderson
Salman Khan hosted Big Boss 4 televised on Colors Channel has managed to remain in business (and news) at prime time in India despite of many attempts by Information and Broadcasting ministry to classify its content as adult and pushing the program away from prime time (9PM) to late night (11PM) show. I&B Ministry says that the promoters of the colors television are the biggest violators in recent times which accounts for 60% of total violations reported.

After Dolly Bindra's abusive language and much hype and drama she was pushed out of the show but she later said she apologizes for her behavior during the show and wants to come back on board. In the latest stunt for the publicity colors paid heavy sums to Pamela Anderson to be on the show for three days and gained lot of TRP after Bombay high court's stay on the decision of I&B Ministry to push the show to 11PM late night slot.

Show is still on the prime time until 3rd Dec. when Bombay high court will decide the fate whether it will be removed from the prime time or not because of the accusations made that it contents dialogues that are not suitable for all audience and may be considered as Adult show.


20 box said...

it is not adult, it is CHEAP

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