Sunday, November 28, 2010

Elephant gets dental surgery in Kerala

Kerala Elephants Festival
An elephant named Devidasan undergone a dental surgery for pain due to cavity very large in size in its tusk. Indian doctors used 188gm or resin to fill this cavity after a root canal surgery on elephant, now elephant's five year old suffering is over as surgery was successful.

Devidasan is a 24 year old quite young elephant and was suffering from this cavity 50 cm long and 4 cm deep for last 5 years. Doctors are not sure for how long this cracked is going to remain sealed as not a single operation like this was done before.

If the crack opens again the operation would be necessary again as open crack means dust can enter it and can become the cause of infection that can prove deadly for Devidasan. Owner of the elephant was also happy as now the bull elephant can be used in the Hindu festival ceremonials as well as in marriages as his tusk is filled with resin.

Traditionally elephants are used for many rituals in southern state of Kerala in India and it plays important part in social structure and fabric. They are more like an integrated part of culture and religion in Kerala.


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This is biggest dental surgery ever and is going to remain so for long time.. :)

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