Friday, December 3, 2010

India to get N-armed submarine in a year

INS Arihant
Nuclear triad is the capability to fire Nuclear armed missiles from land, and and sea. Till now only three countries United States, Russia and China have this capability and if everything goes right India soon  is going to join this exclusive club of N-Triad countries in a year time.

Navy Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma said that N-Submarine named INS Arihant ("destroyer of  enemies") will be commissioned in Indian Navy in late 2011 or early 2012. Arihant will be armed with 12-ballistic missile giving it the capability to strike and counter-strike nuclear weapons.

Arihant is going to have strategic weapons on the board at the time of its commissioning in 2011/12 said the Navy Chief. China already has two N-capable submarine in its fleet and India is going to join the club soon.

Admiral Verma also said that the indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC) project may be delayed as 40,000 ton aircraft carrier is not ready yet as per schedule and can not be commissioned in Indian Navy this year. There are few hick-ups like shortage of supply of equipments have caused this delay said the navy chief.


India News Blog said...

INS Arihant was officially launched by PM Manmohan Singh's wife in year 2009 but still it is not commissioned in Indian Navy but as work is in progress India soon is going to become a Nuclear Triad.

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