Monday, December 20, 2010

Medvedev's India visit from Monday

Dimitri Medvedev
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Russian President Dimitri Medvedev is going to arrive at New Delhi on late Monday night with ministers and Russian officials to sign deals in the area of civilian nuclear energy and high tech. It is expected that India and Russia is going to sign around 15 pacts in various sectors including eduction, defense and civilian nuclear energy. Russian President is going to stay in India till December 22.

One of the most important pact will be on the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), that both India and Russia is planning to develop together. The External affairs ministry also suggested that the two nations will try to improve technology sharing and co-operation in the area of hydro-carbons.

India is a growing economy where we are going to need lot of energy in coming decades and Oil and natural resources rich Russia can  be a good strategic partner as far as India's energy needs are concern in future. If everything goes well Russia may setup two more 1000 MW power plants in India. Russia is planning to setup 14- 16 nuclear reactors in India in coming years if deals are finalized successfully.

Medvedev may visit Agra on Tuesday before leaving for Mumbai the economical capital of India where he may visit the RK Studio setup by legendary Raj Kapoor who was immensely popular in Soviet Russia.


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4th president visiting India recently.. began with American Prez and is going to end with Russian one..

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