Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No need to fear about nuclear weapons: Pakistan

Pakistan's Nuclear capable missile
In the aftermath of the cable documents released by the whistle-blowing website wikileaks Pakistan today said that US fear of Pakistan's nuclear weapons falling into wrong hands is baseless. Pakistan's high commissioner to the UK said we have fool-proof command and control system and they are (nuclear weapons) dearer to us and have no chances of falling into the hands of some adventurer.

Meanwhile the interpol has issued a red-corner notice and has inquired about the where-abouts of wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Pakistan also condemned this leak of documents and said they are harmful to the relations between nations. Authorities in Pakistan believed that it has the extensive experience in handling nuclear stuff and fissile material.

Cables also revealed that Pakistani military leaders and generals believe that Pakistan Army is not match for Indian Army and that is why they need more nuclear weapons to keep things balanced in the sub-continent.  Pakistan high commissioner to UK said that they are not going to allow any kind of interference over nuclear arsenal.


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India News Blog said...

Pakistan itself needs to fear from own nuclear arsenal going into the hands of fools.

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