Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sarkozy calls for UNSC seat for India

French President
Nicolas Sarkozy
French president Nicolas Sarkozy today began his four day visit to India from the technological capital of the country Bangluru. Sarkozy visited ISRO premises at Bangluru and told scientists that India, country of a Billion people, certainly deserves a permanent seat in United States Security Council.

During his recent visit a month ago President of the United states of America, Barak Obama, also supported the India's bid for the permanent seat in UNSC. He said that US is looking forward to welcome India as a permanent member in the security council of United Nations.

Sarkozy also praised the city of Bangluru addressing the audience at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and added that it has now become the technological capital of India and an important junction in world trade.

He said that France will provide all assistance in India's civilian nuclear programme and also boosted the Nuclear reactor sales proposal to India. France is second country apart from United States of America showing interest in India's civilian nuclear energy programme.

Sarkozy is on four day visit to India and his deligation includes more than 50 businesspersons, bureaucrats and also three ministers from his government Michele Alliot Marie, Christine Lagarde and Valerie Pecresse.

He said that he thinks the Pakistan and Afghanistan are currently the capital of International terrorism and are a major cause to instability not only in South Asia but around the world. He also added that proud democracies like India and France should fight terrorism together.


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