Thursday, November 25, 2010

India test-fires nuclear ballistic missile

Agni-I Missile
India successfully test fired Agni-I missile on Tuesday from her chandipur range. The 700-km range Agni-I medium range ballistic missile was test-fired from the Wheeler Island off the Orissa coast on Thursday morning adding strength to India's missile program. The launch took place at 10:20 am in the morning and missile reached the designed target in the bay of bengal.

This latest version of Agni-I is a 12 ton in weight with latest advanced navigation system and can carry payload of around 1,000 kilograms making it nuclear capable. As the standard practice goes pakistan was informed beforehand the test to avoid any confusions said Defense Ministry spokesperson Kar. This missile was last test-fired in March 2010, that is earlier this year.

All eyes are now set on Agni-V that is going to be fired from the same launching range in earlier 2011. Agni-V is more targeted at China than Pakistan with range of around 5000km and payload that can carry a nuclear bomb. Agni-V will be able to cover most parts of China. After series of test-fires now Agni-III is also ready for the induction in Armed forces as many senior scientists believe.
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