Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lara in season 4 of IPL

Brian Lara
West Indian giant of cricket Brian Lara is considering to come back to the top level cricket by playing in season four of the IPL (Indian Premier League). IPL is a twenty-20 tournament with more than eight teams playing each other at home and away.

Lara also played in Zimbabwe's twenty-20 competition this year as a return to the international cricket and is all keen to play in IPL if he is picked by some team management. With supreme court's stay on BCCI's decision to remove two teams from the season 4 picture is still not very clear about how many teams are going to participate in IPL 4. That is why it is also unsure whether any team is going to pickup Lara for the twenty-20 format tournament or not.

Lara looked still fit and fine at 41 and is ready to play in the tournament if he gets a chance. In an interview with cricinfo website he told that although West Indies team is not doing well currently in both ODI and Test format hopes are high as they still have the world's best talent with them.

Since his retirement from the international cricket Lara has not played much cricket and that is why may be he chose to play in Zimbabwe twenty-20 league to prepare and get ready for the IPL 4. He thinks he is in perfect condition to play in this 2 month long tournament.

Chrome OS netbook by Google on Dec 7

If the rumors are true than Google is going to launch its first netbook based on the Google Chrome OS with marketplace. Rumors say that Google is going to launch a table on black Friday based on chromium. Most probably on the December 7th, Tuesday Google may announce about this officially.

It is believed that HTC has made around 65,000 atom processor powered netbooks for the Google employees and it will be tested by them before the mass launch. Most probably chrome is going to be a cloud based OS that needs least resources at client-side. Chrome 8 is going to be the first version that supports the Chrome web store.

If the applications are transfered to the web than performance and cost issues about the netbooks can be solved very easily on the long run with a cloud based Operating system. This kind of device needs less processing power and storage space and can transfer most of the work load to the cloud on the web.

CBI website hacked by Pak cyber army

Programmers who identified themselves as the "Pakistan Cyber Army" today hacked the website of India's premier investigation agency CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). Message was posted on the homepage of the CBI Website not to attack Pakistani websites by Indian Cyber Army.

Message of the homepage of the website in form of a picture claimed that they can similarly hack other government websites in India and to treat this message as a warning to Indian hackers and stop attacking Pakistani websites. Website was accessible  below the message when scrolling down but the damage was done. Authorities shutdown the website to repair and check for the relaunch.

Intelligence agencies have warned government before that the condition of security of networks and cyberspace is not safe on government networks and offices and proper security audit should have been conducted at regular intervals to prevent such attacks.
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