Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rupee hits over one week high

Indian Rupee on Wednesday appreciated by 13 paise against the United States Dollar ($) on sustained dollar selling. At the end of the trading the US dollar ended cheaper against the rupee at Rs 45.09/10 per dollar. Indian Rupee touched its highest value in more than a week after strong selling by exporters and forex traders.

Dealars in market believed that this rise is due to exporters selling and some banks trading heavily today. The Reserve Bank of India fixed the reference rate for the dollar at Rs. 45.13 today.

The Following are the rates in Rupees per Unit for Interbank Forex and Reserve Bank of India rates:

Unit Interbank RBI Reference US Dollar 45.09/10 US Dollar Rs 45.13 Pound Sterling 69.66/68 Euro Rs 59.32. Euro 59.27/29 Japanese Yen (100) 54.03/05

Gujjar Protest in Rajasthan

Gujjar agitation and movement in Rajasthan, north western state of India, is stirring up since last few days and central government has transferred 1500 security personal to Rajasthan to assist state government of Rajasthan to help meet the crisis like situation due to the result of constant agitations by Gujjars of Rajasthan.

Agitation started because the Rajasthan High Court on Wednesday ruled against the 5% reservation demand by the Gujjars in government jobs. Gujjar Community is not taking this lightly and may intense the agitation by roadblocks and rail-roko andolans.

A division bench of Rajasthan High Court consisting of chief justice Arun Mishra and justice Mahesh Bhagwati ruled against the Gujjars and put the reservation demand in abeyance for one year. Gujjar leader Col Kirori Singh Bainsala reacted unhappy against the ruling and said that the blockade of railway and roads is going to be carried out by Gujjar community of Rajasthan.

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