Monday, January 3, 2011

Obama signs 9/11 health care bill

Barack Obama 

United states president Barack Obama totally ignored India's concerns over the H-1B visa fee hike that would affect the Indian Information Technology companies and sector in general that may used to provide some of the funds for the 9/11 victims in terrorist attack in United states in 2001. Obama totally ignored India's warning that it way drag the US to the WTO (World Trade Organization) as free health care at this cost is unjust to Indian IT companies.

Obama is currently on vacation at Hawaii and took some time off to sign this bill that would make it a law to provide free health care to the first responders of the twin-tower attack on New York city in Septermber 2001. This bill is going to provide free health care worth $ 4.2 Billion for the victims of the terrorist attack on twin-towers.

This price hike in visa is estimated to cost Indian IT companies worth $200 million more in the coming years and Indian Commerce minister Anand Sharma believes that it may become the hinder between the growing trade ties between two countries.

A Printed copy of the bill was shipped with a washington staffer to the Hawaii where Obama is enjoying his vacation with the family and was signed by him taking some time off the vacation. New York law makers hailed this signing of the bill and responded positively to it.

The United States senate and then the House of representatives passed the measure after a last-minute compromise with Republications that endded a long time blockade in passing of the bill. Democrats led US congress passed this bill in December last year and after President's approval it is a law now.

More than 3000 people died on September 11, 2001 when two aircrafts hijacked by Al-Qaeda suicide bombers were flown into the World Trade Center twin-towers in New York, as well as the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field. It is believed since that in last 9 years another 70,000 people claim to have been exposed to the toxic fumes in rescue operations and many died of cancer afterwards.


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Experts in India believes that India is not going to go to WTO regarding this matter.

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