Friday, January 21, 2011

Vishwanathan Anand leads at Wijk-aan-Zee after round 5

Vishwanathan Anand
Current World chess champion and grand master from India Vishwanathan Anand is leading Tata Steel Chess at Wijk-aan-Zee after 5 rounds of play with a half point lead from no.2 player in the tournament American Grand master Nakamura.

After a rest day Anand came strong in the fifth round of the tournament with a spectacular win against Dutchman Smeets who blundered on move 57 to secure Anand's second win with the black pieces in the tournament.

At first it seemed like a draw for the Dutchman who played fairly well in the Breyer Ruy Lopez opening securing a drawable position in the middle game. However Anand had some vague chances after exchange sacrifice that dramatically worked well for him.

In another very exciting encounter from the fifth round of the tournament another Dutchman Erwin L’Ami also become the victim of the blunder in the late endgame when he made a mistake of move 93 after a long fought battle to lose against World no.1 ranked Magnus Carlsen of Denmark.

There was an easy draw for him with a game of Rook v/s Rook and Knight in the end game with both kings in the center, but crumbled and made a mistake most probably due to the time pressure.

In another game with a result in the round five Wang Hao won against Grand master Alexander Grishuk to secure one full point for him.

All other games in the Grand master group A were ended in draws with the point table as follows at the end of the fifth round:

1.V. Anand4
2.H. Nakamura
3.L. Aronian
A. Giri
M. Vachier-Lagrave
6.M. Carlsen
V. Kramnik
I. Nepomniachtchi
R. Ponomariov
10.W. Hao
E. l'Ami
J. Smeets
13.A. Grischuk
14.A. Shirov1

Games are shown below in the PGN viewer for the readers reference:


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Nakamura won the Wijk ann Zee and now Kasparov is training him for few months now.. He is the strongest american player now.

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