Saturday, January 1, 2011

Alcoholism linked to obesity

Family history of alcoholism may raise the risk of obesity in family claims a latest research report in United States. Research claims that people with family history of alcoholism may switch to high calorie food to satisfy their craving for alcohol instead of drinking. Study also says that women are at greater risk of going obese than man with the family history of alcoholism.

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found in their research the association between a family history of alcoholism and obesity risk. Researchers believed that risk of going obese has become more pronounced in last few years.

Researchers also claimed in the report that seeing suffering of the close relatives may keep them away from the alcohol but they may find a substitute to fulfill their carvings in high calorie food that may result in obesity that can do as much damage as alcohol.

Centers in the brain that responds to the alcohol may also can be stimulated by high calorie food so chances are bright that addicts may find solace in high calorie food initially when triying to quit alcohol and may replace one bad habit with another.

Reseachers found that in year 2001 and 2002, women with a family history of alcoholism were 49 percent more likely to be obese than those without any family history of it. It also is true for the man but percent is bit lower in that case as men are less likely to go obese for this particular reason.

Moily tries to press CBI in Aarushi murder case

Law minister M Veerappa Moily yesterday sparked off a debate by questioning the CBI closure report in the Aarushi Talwar double murder case. His opinion about the CBI and agencie's report started a debate between legal experts on how to proceed on this double murder case that is still unsolved. This closure report was filed by CBI two days before on Wednesday in a Ghaziabad court.

Legal experts belive that the evidence was present at the time the case was with Uttar Pradesh Police and before Central Bureau of Investigation took over the case. CBI is also unable to find any relations between two murders and failed to do examinations and narcotests of the people under suspesion.

Lok sabha speak Meera Kumar also told reporters that she is worried about the recent developments in the Aarushi murder case and wants justic for victim in this high profile double murder case. National Commission for Women unhappy about the developments in the case and closure report by CBI wrote letters demanding justic for victims to Home ministry as well as Law ministry.

CBI's alligations against Aarushi's parents were strongly denied by their lawyer and told media that CBI is trying to cover up the case by hiding its inadequacies and force the court to order a chargesheet against them.

On the other hand agency reported that father's role may be was under doubt but no chargesheet was filled against him as there was not enough evidence against him to do so. This 30-page closure report by CBI also stated that sufficient evidence is not available to prove offence under Section 302 of the IPC against the accused Dr Rajesh Talwar beyond reasonable doubt.
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